Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guess What?!

guess what?

Here's my reason for being so lazy lately with blogging! And a good reason I think :) I've been sick and in bed by 8 most nights. Well maybe not 8, but often while I'm putting Liam asleep, I fall asleep too. I'm about 11 weeks and ready for this sickness to end. Although, I know it's a good thing and am thankful for it this time because I did not get sick or even feel pregnant at all when I had a miscarriage. The due date is actually Halloween, which was my due date as a baby. I was thinking the other day and this babe's due date is exactly when I had a miscarriage. Makes me smile to think about it. What a little gift this one will be. I can't wait to hold them in my arms.

I hope to be back to photo taking and blogging soon.



  2. congratulations! that's amazing news, and a super fun picture. thanks too for your note on facebook. we're all doing better now. and i was remembering that you had done the child life program at mac, while we were there. great news!!
    cheryl o

  3. it!!!! can't wait for the addition:):):) love all of us:)

  4. the best kind of news. so happy for you. love corinne

  5. So glad that it is out in the open....can't wait to be a Nana again!!
    Can't wait to hold this precious little pumpkin!
    In the meantime I will continue to squish and squeeze and love that little super hero man....called Liam!
    Love to you my little Dana!

  6. Wonderful news! Congrats to you and your whole family!!!!!!

  7. Yay, funny way of breaking the news Danes. The nausea will soon pass, but if you can, try to take it as a reminder of the blessing you have and perhaps it will make it easier. :)
    Love ya and excited for the new addition!

    Ally xox (Will Liam be in JK by then?)

  8. Yeah!!! So happy for you Dana! I'm sure the boys must be super excited too! What fantastic news...

  9. SO excited for you three, soon to be four! Enjoy!
    Lori Misener

  10. congratulations Dana, to you and Brian and big brother Liam!! We are so happy for you. Love the picture - very creative!! love Heather

  11. Hi Dana. It made my day when I heard this great news from my mother in law. I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for you. God is great!!! I look at you now and start to be more hopeful ...
    Trang Carbone.

  12. Dana I am just so excited for you! What a blessing! We will be praying for you and the little one inside!
    Praise the Lord for these amazing miracles!

  13. Congratulations Dana!! You will have so much fun watching Liam learning how to be a big brother. Every day it amazes me how much Finn loves Anna. Although, don't get me wrong, they have their fights, too! :) I hope the pregnancy goes well and quickly so you can snuggle your new little bundle!!

  14. woohoo!! Marcus and I are sooooo happy for you.

    And by the way, LOVE how you announced it. That photo is priceless. You're a great photographer, Dana. Anyway, so thrilled about the news:)

    Love M&M

  15. Love you Dans! So very happy for you and B...October is a wonderful time to have a baby! Especially the 31st! That's Sean's Birthday.


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