Saturday, March 27, 2010

My dream camera

I have been so very lazy, I know. Don't worry, I haven't given up on blogging. I had a whole post all ready and lost all my summery pictures from last week. I will be back to post them though.

I just wanted to share about this great giveaway for all you photographers. I have never heard of anyone giving away a camera!

Good luck! Here's one from last summer.



  1. Awesome! Can't believe how much older Liam looks now. WOW! See you in a very short time.
    Allison xox

  2. love the light and the composition and the boy on the bike!

  3. Oi slack attack...get up those Easter pics.

    Hope you made it home safe and sound. My super bright daughter is trying to "pick" the animals of the bottom of her play gym. Did I mention these animals were pictures...sigh...



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