Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm a bit behind

Well hello there!

I know I have been a bit lacking in posting here recently. A few things have caused me to slow down and take a break from the computer. For one, our computer and phone were down for a few days. We also had visitors and were away for a weekend. And.....the most terrifying thing that happened was Liam and I were in quite a bad car accident. A lady ran a red light and hit us. Thankfully she did not hit us from the side, but managed to hit the front of our car. Praise God that we are are ok. Our car on the other hand is not so good and we'll need to get a new one. But, really it doesn't matter and I just could not be more thankful for my boy after this happened. He was so brave and we even got to ride in an ambulance after. I just kept breathing him in, holding him, and thanking God for his life. It could have been so very different.

I had been meaning to share a funny story about our Liam love before this happened, more for my own sake than anything. I wanted to remember. I was on the computer and Brian was in Liam's room talking to him about some issue and all of a sudden I hear Liam screaming about how he doesn't want to live here anymore and he was leaving. Umm where did this idea come from??Next thing I saw was a streaking 3 year on his way out with nothing but a backpack and socks on. I went to him and found that the backpack was empty, not even the beloved baba had been packed. I asked him what he was going to do alone and naked on the road and who would take him in. He told me he knew Nana would take him in. Which is true.....

In the moment it actually wasn't that funny, but as I told my mom about it later it became so funny, we were dying laughing on the phone. What a persistent little love I have. Praying that that persistence will be channelled to good things in the future.

He bought this shirt with money that my aunt had given him for Christmas. He's so proud!

And this is such a beautiful blog I found, wanted to share it with you. Go get some kleenex and a cup of coffee before you read it. Enjoy :)


  1. How scary! I'm so glad that you guys are both OK.

    I saw that blog a little while ago. So beautiful.

  2. Dana - I love your blog because it reminds me of where I've been, not so very long ago. They are tender, lovely reminders. The image of your 3-year-old superman streaking through the halls called to mind a mental picture of my own soon-to-be-18-year-old-boy at about the same age - doing something similar. (Only, he told us he was running away to move to Africa.)
    Thank you for the memories. :-)

  3. Ha ha, love that story about Liam the fearless. So glad that you guys were okay after the accident Danes.
    Ally xox

  4. Nana says that she will always take in a little naked boy with a back pack and socks....we can always get a new Bubba at Pottery Barn and maybe some new clothes as well! Oh how much I love that little guy!
    Can hardly wait to see you all at Easter.


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