Sunday, April 18, 2010





Every year, the more I love spring. As we were driving back from Toronto after Easter, the grass was getting greener and the blossoms were coming out. It was beautiful. Since I haven't been feeling so well, I've been taking this blanket out under the tree and lying there hoping Liam will play on the trampoline by himself. He doesn't really for too long and ends up coming to lie with me and ask me about 107 questions within 3 minutes. The light was so pretty under there I was actually motivated to get my camera and take some pics which has been hard for me lately. Maybe this is a sign of getting better? Anyways, I've been thinking that spring is like a beautiful party that every year amazes me with its beauty. I think I forget what it looks like with flowers and green during the winter.I don't know how I'm ever okay with living with dead trees and no green when spring comes? I'm thankful summer is on its way.

I was amazed at all the beautiful comments and congrats people sent my way. Thank you so much! Last week we had a little scare, the midwife tried to hear the babe's heartbeat for the first time and couldn't, so she sent me for an ultrasound the next day. Everything turned out great and it was so so amazing to see that little one squirming around inside me and hear the heartbeat. Thankful for this little life.


  1. beautiful pictures and words from a beautiful daughter.

  2. I feel the same way Dana! thanks foe capturing it in words and picture

  3. Love the spring blooms, has made going for afternoon walks with Kayla a delight! Totally reawakens the soul after a long, long winter.
    Liam is looking so grown up lately. He's going to be a super big brother.
    See you in a few months.
    Ally xox


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