Friday, December 11, 2009

Flare and ramblings

Happy Afternoon

I know I promised cow pics, but I took this the other day and instantly loved it! There is something about flare that I love so very very much. It always makes me happy and has such a dreamlike quality to it that I adore. Flare is actually how I was first drawn to photography and as soon as I got my camera I was trying to figure out how to achieve it. I definitely haven't arrived in capturing flare and am still trying to figure out how to get it to look pretty and magical. There are so many different types of flare that you can use too, and it often depends on the lens, your position and time of day. And there's your photography lesson for today :)

The other day the man who was speaking at our church was talking about how an artist doesn't use white paint, but adds the other colors to the white paper to create a picture. The white is already on the paper so he doesn't need white paint. While he was talking I was thinking about using light in photography and how it is kind of like my white paper. It's my base. Everything else creates the picture, but without pretty light, well the image just stinks.

Then I was thinking - isn't this just the way it is with God. You can have everything that makes your picture (or your life) look wonderful, but without the light (or the Lord), it stinks.

I'm drawn to the light, it's beauty. It brings me joy.


  1. love your insights Dana, especially as this week's lesson is on Jesus saying that He is the light.
    And you are right without His light there is darkness and no magic of life.
    And I love the picture of Liam too.

  2. i like that, dana. and i think you have marvelous skills. i was looking at someone's wedding photos the other day, thinking, "dana takes better pictures, and how beautiful they would have been if they were taken by her"

  3. Aww, you're making me blush :) Thank you.


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