Thursday, December 17, 2009

As promised

I know you are all on the edge of your seat for these....

Liam loved the cows. He wasn't at all afraid, although the cows were afraid of him! At least the baby ones were. I love wild animals, but maybe these aren't "wild".

Anyways this was fun!!

sweet new cow


baby cows& liam

In the Barn

This last one is my favorite. Look at the way that cow is looking at Liam.

I love that I can document and remember all these funny things we did and what Liam was like. I was looking back at my blog the other day and how Liam has grown and changed along with my photos :). I already barely remember some of the stuff that he used to do and funny little things about him. I'm so thankful I have it forever saved on here.

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  1. What a treasure you've created and are creating Dana! Priceless! Not only for you and your family - but for those you share it with. Thank you!


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