Friday, December 4, 2009

Late Afternoon





I always find this time of time the hardest. Liam wakes up from his nap and can be grumpy or happy, depends on the day. I usually haven't planned anything for us to do because I have to start dinner and there isn't enough time to go anywhere. I'm not a terribly scheduled mom and prefer a little variation, and so each day differs as to what we do. Liam helps me cook, we do play dough, watch a movie, play outside, jump on the trampoline, talk to someone on Skype or do some photos :) The last being my personal fav, but not always my subjects :) Today proved to be one of those afternoons when he was up for some photos. Isn't he just beautiful? I think so. In these moments I sometimes feel like the rest of the day seems like a huge vacant space and it can be so lonely and discouraging. I struggle in these moments to be thankful and really enjoy my time with this little person. I want to. I am learning that it is a process, just enjoying the moment and choosing thankfulness.

Yesterday afternoon Laurel and I drove out to a dairy farm to experience some cows. I think I was in love with the cows. I always did want one when I was a kid. I'll be back with some more photos of the cows.


  1. lovely!! big kiss from all of us!

  2. I love the one you caught of him looking out the window!
    And I remember that time of the day....Auntie Gail and I always called it the valley of the shadow of death time....low blood sugar, too late to go anywhere, dinner to be will get better and believe it or not....wouldn't mind being in that "valley" sometimes now. There is a new lonliness and discouragement that comes and just like you said....need to pause and remember to be thankful
    Have a great weekend. Take lots of pics! And see you in a few weeks.
    Mom ....who has been where you are and will too!

  3. Very cute pictures of the little man. He's got such a little personality and I love seeing it in your pictures.
    See you soon Danes!


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