Monday, January 19, 2009

member me

That's what Liam calls the game "Memory". And how he frequently beats B and I in memory I'm not quite sure. He really does have a great memory. The other day we went into Anthropologie, which we have only been in one other time and he remembered who he was with (Nana) and started telling me all about it. Reminds me to be careful where I take him and what I say to him because he remembers it all. 

Here he is in all his sweetness. 


  1. Oh, he looks like such a little boy in that second picture! The cutest smile ever. Glad he remembers stuff, like his favourite fake aunty!
    Oh man, kids so do have the most uncanny memory...occupational hazard for me, ha ha!
    Allison xox

  2. and Nana is so happy that he remembers fun times with me in a store where there were so many breakable things!!!
    Wish I could have been with him again.
    The pictures of him are so cute!

    keep them coming!
    Mom xoxox

  3. Oh Dana he is so sweet.
    Romania misses you too. Can you come back with me someday and we can go find Liviu and take photos ?
    Love you.


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