Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy leave!!

Grandma and Aunt Gilly came for a visit this weekend. I got a taste of  what it will be like when he no longer thinks I am cool, I'm not sure when that stage comes, maybe at 2?? I was frequently told to leave the room and that just Grandma was invited. Oh well, I enjoyed the break of not having to be the one to always do playing.  

He has begun to pretend play a lot and I love it. It is fun to see his imagination. The other day there was a bunny in the kitchen....

Here is is the sass - I think it is payback ( peanut butter and grape anyone??)


  1. peanut butter and grape is something that rings a bell....payback! just one more question....does he sometimes for no reason just tip over....that may yet be coming. love the picture!

  2. Oh man, you better bust out the crimping iron, I think that it is time! (Good reference to the random falling Hope!)

    What was that Dana? "Oh, you have to know, don't you?"

    Please keep me updated, as picturing Mr. Liam coming into the sassy pants zone puts a smile on my face.

    Love Aunty Ally


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