Saturday, January 24, 2009


I take Liam to the "Little Gym" and he absolutely loves it! He loves his teacher and loves just doing all the gym activities. He is actually quite a little gymnast! This was his last day and they gave them a ribbon and they all had to go up to the podium and get it. The Olympian music was playing while they walked up. Liam's face just tells it all, he is so proud of himself, I love him. 


  1. Oh what a cute little monkey man! He is showing the flexibility that only small children have, ha ha! He's totally doing a muscle man pose at the end, well done Liam!
    Impressive he can go upside down on the bar, next stop...Vancouver 2010!
    Allison xox

  2. oh....he is good! Can't wait to see him in the olympics one day!!
    I love the upside down pics.
    Could he look more proud and manly than he does on that podium?
    Proud Nana

  3. i LOVE the one of him upside down!! Tell him I said so!


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