Thursday, January 29, 2009


He loves manly trucks lately. Diggers, dump trucks, rolling types construction vehicles. I'm thankful that the books have names of these things because I don't know all the specific names of each. They're all big diggers to me :)

We have some construction going on a few streets away and we often walk up there and watch the workmen and diggers doing their thing. I'm sure the men love an audience. 

As previously mentioned, Liam loves wearing his Pj's all day long, he tries on about 3 or 4 pairs a day. I finally gave up this afternoon and let him wear them to the grocery store, I couldn't bear another fight about it. On our way to the store he says "I'm show the workmen my pj's". 

Here he is on a day where we came too late and the diggers were asleep.


  1. He's a real boys boy, this one! I bet the workmen would have been jealous to see Liam chillin' in his pjs, I know I would.
    xox Aunty Allison

  2. that safe? I think I am going to report you as an unsafe mother! first you leave your child home alone and now this!???..just what I would do!!!

  3. what? you left him home alone?
    He is too cute and I love that he wears his pajamas, could be worse....I know someone who wore strawberry shortcake jogging suits every day.....sometimes they were pretty dirty too.
    Another stage that will pass....but maybe he is like his dad who wears those grey track pants that should never be seen in public!!!!!!
    love you and the cute digger lover!


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