Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He did it!!

B passed Hebrew!! Just found out this morning and he feels very relieved. I'm so proud of him - can you imagine studying hieroglyphics for a month straight?! Thanks for praying for him! 
Here is an old one I found today of the little bubs.


  1. Congratulation to Brian, I know how hard he has worked to pass and thanks to the Lord for helping him to remember what he studied and being enabled to pass. Indeed God is so good and faithful!
    Now breathe easily for a day or two Brian!
    Love you

  2. Yay! What a tough course, bet he's glad to get it out of the way. At least the rest of the courses are in English, ha ha!
    Tell Brian that Jamie and I said "way to go"!
    xox Allison

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! yipee b!!!!!
    love all of us:)

  4. Brian! Awesome! How do you say "da da daaaaa!!!!" in Hebrew ??


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