Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of his things

This boy loves to bath in the kitchen sink lately. Look how happy he is in this first one. I think it is close to impossible to not smile when he gives me this face.

And this is just about the sweetest look ever.
Don't the borders look good? I just finished my first session for a Photoshop course!


  1. I love"sink" boy....reminds me of how my kids liked to sit in the sink during dinner time, kept them quiet, got the floor clean and made great memories. He is soooo cute! Nana can hardly wait to see him! He can sit in my sink all day long, and it is a big sink!
    love the smile and the cute look, borders are great too!

  2. I LOVE that first shot...I burst out laughing when I saw it!!


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