Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot Days

We had one week here that was unbearably hot and humid. You had to be in some type of water or else you felt like you were melting. This day in the picture Brian had out the pool, slip n slide and the hose for Liam and the neighbour, Alex. That same day, all three of us were in the kiddie pool.

Liam is such a joy to us. He is such a lovely little person and is learning new words rapidly these days, although I seem to be the only one who understands these new words. I love this stage where he isn't a baby anymore but still isn't a total boy yet. Some of his recent loves are balloons, trucks or any sort of "digger", the park, dogs, babies, gardening with me - he is actually up for just about anything you suggest. I love having him with me to do errands. I truly am blessed and thankful for him.

I captured a very serious look here ( for you Robynn)

Here is a very silly face to contrast the last one. I'm not sure how he gets this dirty in his chair, but I was just glad he didn't have a shirt on.


  1. Oh I love these pictures of Liam.....can't wait until he comes up here in a few weeks. Love his cute, happy chocolate covered face.
    How precious is his serious little face, he looks so much like his daddy in that one, and I love the shorts one, he is in fashion there with the shorts down the big boys!

    Thanks for keeping us posted with the pictures are getting to be such a good photographer!!!


  2. Dana,
    I agree with your mom... YOU ARE GETTING SO GOOD at taking pictures ! Miss you my friend and I wish that we were closer so that I could come swimming in the kiddie pool with you Brian and Liam.

    Love you all,

  3. Hey Day! you've gotten so good at photography, I'm so impressed/jealous!

    I was just telling Jana about your blog, and how I keep up to date with you and your boys through it. I'm gonna give her the address! (although now she'll want me to do one, even though I see her twice a week).

    Love Becca


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