Monday, June 30, 2008

Minya Minya

That is what Liam calls himself. It makes me laugh. Last week was a tough one for Liam, he stepped on a bee and got his first bee sting, and he got a black eye from falling on the corner of the table. Poor little one....

I took this pictures of Liam tonight when B was working and I tried out some black and white. I really like them. Isn't he just so lovely?

With his beloved baba.


  1. Poor little guy. Cute as ever, though!

  2. he's just awesome. nice pics.

  3. He's adorable, and growing so fast, I love when you update with new pictures! I love the black and white pictures, you're really good at taking pictures Dana!
    Today I taught my 3 and 4 year old Korean kindergarten class "It's Mine!" and they say, "Itsa Minya" Cute!



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