Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

It sure feels like spring here. The days are longer and the weather is warmer. We have been spending most of our afternoons playing outside with the neighbour's kids. We've discovered that we have an avid lacrosse and hockey player on our hands. He loves anything sporty.

My first image of a flower and also the first flower in our "garden"

He's brilliant I tell you!! Mananged to carry the ball while pushing the car!

We're on our way home tomorrow for Easter!!


  1. yes I beat your mother!!! so great his smile in these...so looking forward to seeing you guys! yipee!!!:)

  2. just lucky this time Robynn!!

    he is so cute, love his big smile.

    and the ball in the car.....not just a genius but creative as well, where there's a will there will always be a way....he is the proof!

    so glad that you will be in toronto for a while, can't wait to see you.

  3. by the way Robynn....that was Dana's mom in the last comment.....not that you probably didn't guess.


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