Monday, March 31, 2008


After being called a girl about 30 times, I finally caved and decided to cut his hair....justa little.

Here it is before (I know it is a bit long, but he's my first and it was hard to part with the little curls that are sometimes there)
During....isn't this a funny look. He is such a little stinker

And after. If possible, I think he even cuter now.
Liam has been sick, but new photos are coming (mom :))


  1. ok i got here before Robynn....
    he looks so cute, too bad about the huge bruise on his forehead.
    I love his haircut, and I am sorry that he has been sick, so are we, did Liam give us the bug?
    Keep those pictures of the little man coming.

  2. HOPE! watch out...I will win next time:) cute and such a funny face...look forward to seeing any pics you took while you were here:)

  3. love the face, but want to see it in person

  4. The poor little fella is going to have identity issues if he keeps getting girl haircuts. B, I think you need to address this urgently :-)

    Love catching up with your news from time to time. Miss all three of you.

    Love Marcus


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