Monday, March 10, 2008

Did you know?

That my heart has little legs that run, jump and climb?
Has very silly hair and says "ma" all the time
It also survives off of hummus, miniwheats and fruit
It cries and whines and loves to be rocked to sleep
Loves bathtime, moons and splashing
Has an obsession with baba and adores Dada

Who knew that being a mama would capture your heart the way it does...


  1. oh i LOVE your new header photo!!!

  2. there are no truer words!
    and the heart just grows bigger and fuller with all the other things that give it life, especially when your baby has a baby and the heart feels as it it will burst with joy.
    love you my dear daughter, heart of my heart, and joy of my mama's life!
    keep blogging!
    love you
    from this Mama to the new Mama

  3. Love love love the new header!

  4. great picture of Liam, Dana!
    you're getting good with the camera!
    the little poem you wrote is so cute.
    the words are so true!
    love ya and miss ya,


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