Sunday, March 2, 2008

Christmas in March!!

Yep, we got our first SLR camera today!! I have been wanting one for a while and today we took the big step. Thankfully, we have some very generous family members who had given us gifts over Christmas and we decided to use some of that for something I wanted. What a great husband I have :)

This afternoon we took Liam to the park and these are some of the first images! I have a lot to learn. Hope you enjoy.

Thank you thank you....


  1. Oooh, how exciting! It looks like you are off and running!

  2. Cool, nice qual for the pics. Jamie had to explain what it was, duh!
    Enjoy your new toy.

  3. SLR,shmlasslr, i just like pictures of Liam!
    Just keep posting pictures even if you have a "brownie" camera!
    I agree with Ally, I don't really know what SLR is either!

  4. YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Love that first shot..just gorgeous. What did you get?

  5. hey robynn
    we got the xti and a 50 1.4 lens!! so excited! tad said he has a computer possibly for us too. i am loving it! reading "understanding exposure". it's so good and easy to understand too.

  6. Dana ! How exciting that is so great... Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Photography !


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