Friday, March 7, 2008

Sunshine After the Rain

We had a few lovely warm spring like days here this week which was so wonderful. Had some rain too and jumped in puddles for the first time. I'm loving my camera and have so many more pictures to go through now. It is hard to decide which ones to put on here. I guess I will just have to post more :)

Our friend's dog - Gus. Liam still loves dogs.

Is this picture cool or is just me? I really like it


  1. Hi Dana, the pictures are lovely. I think that you are going to be a wonderful photographer, you bring so much sensitivity and feelings into your pictures.
    I love the one of him in the puddle, such a boy, and the last one sitting in the sun, which is difused and he looks so interested in looking at something in the sidewalk.
    make sure you bring your camera with you to talke some when you are here at Easter. I miss that little pumkin, can hardly wait to see him.

  2. great shots Dana..what a difference it makes eh:) Love that last one is lovely:)

  3. Dana, you are sure having fun with your new toy! The pictures are so sweet. I love the way Liam is looking down, with his shadow and the sunlight!


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