Monday, February 25, 2008

The Day of the Baba

Liam found his extra blankie that I usually hide from him (in case of some emergency like baba getting lost ), but because it needed to be washed both baba's were out at the same time. He was overly obsessed with them today- wanting to bring it into the bath, kissing it and I also found him lying and cuddling with them on my duvet all by himself (quite strange for him). It really is quite a funny site to see someone giving kisses to a blanket. No pics of baba today though, I wasn't quick enough.

This is the after dinner face. He really is just pretending to eat...

Some new shoes for the little man...can you say cute! They're way cooler than any of B's shoes. But most of Liam's clothes are, however not hard when one of your main staples is sweatpants.

Not trying to rub it in for all you Canadians, but this was our first real snow fall this season. First time shoveling the driveway. Liam liked it for a while and now he is obsessed with the shovel.


  1. that is the funniest face i have ever seen. i think more food went on then went in!
    love his cute new shoes, and the snow.....well what can we canadians say other than you have to be very hardy to live here.
    we could use someone who is obsessed with shovelling here tomorrow.
    nana misses little liam, dirty face and all.

  2. I like a man who enjoys his food! By the way, there is nothing wrong with the joggers, they are comfy, just don't let Liam lose in Lulu! Enjoy the snow, not looking forward to the snow tomorrow, yuck!
    Nice to see a smiling face on Liam.
    Love Ally

  3. totally looks like the pa here:) gross food for sure and well...i will keep the comments about the joggers, just make sure his toenails are cut!!!

  4. Love those shoes! Liam and his baba reminds me of the day Audrey found her "spare" bear. She was about two and, like you, they both needed to be washed. When she saw them both, her face lit up. "Two Bears!" From then on, she needed both!


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