Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Liam's Locks

Yes, it's a bit long. And yes, he has been confused for a girl a few times, but I just adore those little curls. He has been bald for so long that these curls must stay for a while longer.

He's been doing this "fish face" all day long recently.


  1. cute little liam!
    boy is he going to love that you have these pictures when he is 16 years old. let them grow, grow and grow.
    In the first one i think he looks like a little Jewish boy with locks down the sides of his head.
    love you all.

  2. love nana's comment..made me laugh!oohhhhh, I adore the fish!

  3. The hair is great! People pay big money for curls like that...I should know! Ha ha. You'll miss those curls one day Liam, work it while you got 'em!
    Love ya,
    Aunty Ally


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