Monday, February 11, 2008

He Seems like a Boy

Just looking through these and I can see how much Liam is changing. He looks like a little boy more and more and less like a baby.

It's been a while since I last put some pictures up. I apologize. My mom came to visit this weekend, Liam adores her. He has been searching for her today, calling "Nana" all around the house as if she might just pop out of a closet.

This looks like it could be a milk comercial, but it's actually yogurt.

I found him playing like this the other day. First of all - doesn't he look so big!!! He had gone and got this hat, which is a common occurence and managed to put it on himself. How could I resist?

This is his "big smile face". He can do it on cue.

I bought this pink hat at Target when my mom was here. Liam took a fancy to it, and now nobody is allowed to wear but him.

Outside playing with Nana!


  1. Ha ha, what a great smile! He does look like a little boy now. So glad that you had a great visit with Nana.
    Love Ally

  2. Liam! You are so full of personality! I love it!

  3. Now nana misses Liam so much, when is it visit time again?

  4. so hilarious!!! he is getting so big and I love the on cue big smile....ohhhh just want to take a bite out of him!..miss ya:)

  5. actually..this is Robynn not Tad..I am on his might not say what I did..ha ha ha:)


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