Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Needs Toys?

Some of Liam's favorite things aren't toys. He adores the laptop, banging on things and of course his rainboots.

I like this picture, speeding down the driveway

This is currently his favorite toy, he loves building towers, knocking them down and stacking the cups. The house looks particularly clean in this picture...
The boots


  1. Hey glad to see Liam munching on a laptop cable, ha ha! Rainboots and diapers are the new look this season for Spring, so Liam is actually pretty fashion forward.
    He's looking cuter than ever and I love looking at this blog. Thanks for keeping Liam's favourite psudo-aunty in the loop!
    Love Ally

  2. oh he is so cute....can't wait to see him next week. Love the big booboo on his forehead....that what you get when you are top heavy and fall over easily.
    I love the one of him speeding down the driveway!!


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