Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red shoes, Leaves and Cookie Dough

Don't feel sad for us for too long. We ended up having Thanksgiving dinner with another Canadian family here. It was great!!

Liam has some new crocs which don't fit yet, but are good for practicing walking and for taking off.

Eating cookie dough. This occupied him for quite some time.


  1. he is so cute, that hat looks adorable on him. he likes cookie dough just like his mom!
    it used to keep you busy for a long time too.
    can't wait till you come home, and don't forget to bring Liam!!!
    had so much fun Christmas shopping for the Liam-boy!! Dad is a wild and crazy grandpa....or should i say "bumpa"

  2. Yum cookie dough, so much better than the actual cookies! So cool that Liam joined the Crocs gang, they are great - the new and more comfy generation of jelly shoes.
    Looking forward to seeing ya at Christmas.
    Love Ally


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