Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Liam's stuff

Here are some pics to give you a feel for what Liam likes and what we do during the day. The days are feeling long lately, it has been raining a lot and its Thanksgiving here, but we have no family to have Thanksgiving with. I am SO looking forward to Christmas. I didn't imagine that it would be this hard to adjust to living in a new place. But we did join a swimming class this week at the YMCA and Liam is such a brave little swimmer, he did amazing for his first time!

Looking for the schoolbus that goes by in the morning and seeing it!
With his beloved - the blanket. He is falling more in love with it by the day. It now goes pretty much everywhere with us. He is always pointing to it first thing when you get him out of bed in the morning. Saying, don't forget that!!
At in indoor playplace with his friend who isn't in the picture. He wasn't as adventuresome as Liam was.

Banging the salad bowl is a favorite pasttime as I make dinner.

I found him IN the frying pan the other day.
Learning to walk
And I saved the best for last! This is how I found him this morning when both Brian and I weren't watching carefully enough. He had toilet water on his face too!! Gross...we better keep the door shut.


  1. Oh Danneee i miss you so much, i will be thinking of you on the old american thanksgiving, so thankful for you, brian and liam! pretty soon it will be christmas and you will have lots of time here.
    i love the pics of liam, he is such a character, so much personality. it will be such a help to have him do the toilets when he is here. imagine, he is already cleaning the toilet and doesn't even know how to use it yet!
    keep those pictures coming!
    one warning.....do not fry him up for dinner.

  2. by the way the hair is quite special....dad is identifying with it.

  3. Love to see a man cleaning the toilet, excellent training Danes! As well, there is nothing wrong with sitting in pots, pans, cupboards or even laundry baskets, Liam is clearly an "outside of the box" thinker, kind of like his crazy uncle! Looking forward watching Liam find his sea legs, you best start training with a running program you guys.
    Allison :)

  4. so cute..love #2..recognise those dino jams too...love the frying pan shot too...:)


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