Monday, October 1, 2007

Lots of 1st Birthday Pics

My parents came for Liam's first birthday!! It was lots of fun, Liam loved having them and even remembered them!! He was very sad to see them leave and cried as they pulled away. Thankfully, my parents bought us a great new camera, so the blog will continue! Here are lots of pics from his birthday, wish you could have been there to celebrate with us! I'm still wondering how my little newborn is one tomorrow though...

The birthday boy looking cool...

Loving his new tent!!

I think I will just squeeze this as hard as I can.

My new "ba" or bus...

Eating icing off my new dog

He loves his Nana

Checkin' out my new ride. Liam is obsessed with his new car. He absolutley loves it! I had to hide it from him today so that we could walk out of the house without him screaming to go in it! Great gift Nana and Grandpa!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Liam today.
    His life is our joy and we love him so much.
    Have a wonderful day saying BA and DA all day long.
    Make sure he goes out motoring in his car today, to celebrate the wheels.

  2. happy birthday!!! from jak,jonah,ella,maley and beaxoxo

  3. Whew, sweet ride Liam! Glad the bday was so fun.
    Love Aunty Ally


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