Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Babes to Big Birthday Guy

How did this little pea become this big boy!? I love him so much and as sad as I am that he is now one, I am so happy and thankful for this person God has given to us. Liam has become such a joy - he has such a funny personality, he is so full of energy and life and laughs, he is quick to hand out kisses, he is so much fun and I wouldn't choose to spend my day doing anything else. What a priviledge to be his mama.
Happy Birthday Liam, we love you!!


  1. we love Liam too and thank God for him every day. We love his mommy and daddy too.

  2. oh yes and Happy Birthday Liam!!
    Rev up that car!!!

  3. WOW Liam, you are getting so big! Ted and I are so glad that you were born. Can't wait to see you and wish you HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY in person. We were in Chicago for you real birthday!



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