Monday, February 6, 2012


Our little dolly has been night weaned. I know I mentioned thinking of doing it a while back. Well, I chickened out the first night we were going to try, but after being woken countless times that night and living in a fog all day, I thought it was time. The first 3 or 4 nights were somewhat torturous, but I was committed and so was B. The first night B rocked her, then the next nights he just went in and told her he loved her and to lie down.  She of course protested loudly like my babies do :) The girl has had unrestricted access to nurse for over a year, she should protest!(I know some of you are dying reading that I have nursed her for over a year through the night, but its what worked for us and how I got her to gain weight. I hate letting babies cry too, its just not me.)  I really did feel like it was time to do this and she was old enough to understand a bit. She also eats about 4 times as much as Liam, so I don't think she needs to nurse for nutritional reasons any more. The first week or so I really missed her warm snugly body nestled all up to me, but I'm feeling like this is good for our family. She still isn't sleeping through and wakes depending on the night, but B is the best and keeps going back to settle which isn't taking very long any more.  

I don't have a lot of photos right now because my computer hard drive is full and I need to move some stuff over in order to upload some more right now. 

We spent a night at Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend with B's parents and a cousin. Liam had such a fun time and we're all feeling a little exhausted. Goodnight :) 

After all this sleep talk, I'll leave you with this. Night. 
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