Thursday, October 13, 2011


I love that she sits like this. It's probably bad for her for some reason, but it's so darn cute.

Black and White window pictures:
I like that they are moody and shadowy and soft. I like the blur. I like her, even though she wakes me every night multiple times. Its amazing, if B woke me that many times, I don't think I'd wake to him with a smile. 

The funny face:
It will never get old.  Looks particularly lovely with a runny nose, don't you think? 

Warm nights:
Oh how I love a warm night. These days of playing in the grass and swinging till the sun sets are leaving. I'm sad, for I am a true summer gal. I'd like to live in Florida or California, I swear I wouldn't miss the lack of season change. I know some people say I would, but they don't know me. I love warmth. I hate snow. Although, I do love pumpkin bread and muffins. Every year around this time. it hits me, I get a serious craving for pumpkin flavors and I convince Liam to make them with me with a promise of batter licking. But they sell canned pumpkin at Target in Florida right?

Superhero birthday parties:
They are fun, but you should plan for children crying. Especially when you have surprise villains on the premises with water guns and red and green hair taunting them the partygoers at every other station. Can you pick the criers our from this one?

Birthday boys:
Are cute. 5 candles is too many. Grandma's who help plan the superhero parties sure do come in handy :)  As do friend's moms who take care of the crying children who you've scared.

Isla's hat
Really? How did she get this cute?  She loves crusin around her little car, getting in and out, in and out. Opening and shutting. Pointing. 
As much as I love the hat, it's just a sign that fall is here and winter is coming. I guess I might miss hats if I live in Florida? I'd miss them on Isla. 

Daddy loving on his girl
Can't you just see the love? Isla is trying to escape or point elsewhere, of course, which is typical Isla. She's a busy little gal, always moving and turning in your arms. But she loves her dada and, well it's obvious how he feels.


Good night superman.

The best smile ever. Pure joy.

The Amber necklace:
Unsure if it works, but worth trying. Plus, its  pretty darn cute and a sweet friend made it for her.

Guess who climbed up the slide yesterday? Sister knows how to get up all by her self and then slide back down on her tummy. Good thing she isn't sleeping in her crib or she'd be jumping out already.

And now it's getting late, and I'm getting tired.
Good night to you and you and you.


  1. My, it's been a while since I've visited your blog and wow! How much have your children grown... where did your baby go?! Isla is sooooooo cute! Makes me go "awwwww".... and Liam... wow... happy 5th birthday to your gorgeous young man... the super hero party looks like it was awesome fun (amongst the crying.. LOL)... Loved seeing all these gorgeous photos and catching up with your "stuff"... :) xo

  2. Hi Dana! I had a peek at this after your mom linked it. It was so sweet I shared it with a friend. My explanation of our connection was as follows: Tom and I taught Dana in Sunday School when she was 2 or 3. She called him Mr. Tom and wanted to marry him when she grew up. Fortunately I beat her to it... Enjoy every moment with your lovely family! Heather Burns


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