Friday, April 15, 2011

My Pretty Baby

We had an 80 degree day this week. First time in a sundress with toes in the grass. I long for summer all year and when the weather warms and the blossoms sprout, something happens in my heart. Warm weather is good for the soul. 

I just got back from the doctor and she gained a whole pound this month. I'm so relieved. I've been doing everything I know how to get this gal to gain. I'm thankful. 

Isn't she lovely?? She's such a gift. Our sweet dolly. 

(I didn't web size these and they aren't working out so well on here. But I just don't have the time right now. )


  1. Great pics:) She is so sweet <3

  2. She is just such a perfect little dolly Dana!

  3. I just noticed you wrote 80 degrees...uh, American much? Ha ha ha.

    See you when it actually is summer, woohoo, can't wait for the warm weather.

    Love Ally xox


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