Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've wanted pictures with a baby in the cherry blossom tree for a few years now. Well here's my baby!! Holding Liam in the blossoms didn't seem right last year. These didn't turn out as well as I had imagined (which is most often the case). You can see the branch looks like it is growing out of her head and I cut her hand off in the first one. But, I wanted to share them because I don't care all that much about the imperfection and I love them! I'm going to go out and try some more photos again before all the blossoms blow away.

Lately I've been getting these little glimpses of beauty in my very mundane tasks. It's a gift. Gratefulness in the mundane isn't one of my strong points :) I err more on the side of complain when I have a slight paper cut on my finger.  The other day I was watching Liam play and how he talks with his hand and watching him just be while Isla was nursing and I just realized - "I have it so good".  I love these little people, I love my normal little life. These moments have happened a few times recently. 

My beautiful little girl up in the trees. 

Here's to hoping for more gratefulness. Life is beautiful and I don't want to miss it with all my complaining.


  1. how beautifully said and what gorgeous photogrpahs... When I saw you started to write about the "imperfections" in the photos I immediately looked at the pics before I finished your thoughts... I did not notice any of it, all I saw was that you accomplished something you set out to do and that you have a charming, bright eyed beauty on your hands. I loved the photo of Brian and Isla.... Man when he has his kiddies around he smiles with his entire being and it was so great you caught that moment. What a positive way to end my evening! As my Dad would say (after viewing my attempts to use my/his camera) "Keep up the good work!" -Your Greatfull neighbor, Sally.

  2. she is chubbin out now! look how much she has changed already!!! I see some changes in your processing too...very lovely:)

  3. actually that was not am on his computer as mine is not working and hasn't been for weeks!

  4. Okay... too cute! She is totally your dad and brother isn't she? Not that I know them all that well, but I have a feeling. Tell me if I'm wrong! :) How are you? Miss you and love your little pink thing... and the blue one too! xoxox

  5. Yep Erin, she does look like them! Miss you too!


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