Sunday, February 27, 2011


Spring is nearing, I can feel it in the air, the days are getting a bit longer. I thought these photos look "springish" with their pinkness. I can't wait for warmer weather. Just picking Isla up and taking her out without having to bundle her all up will be lovely. I am longing for spring this year. I think Liam is too. 

Seriously, I think she might be the cutest thing alive. She really is such a joy, a content little thing. She just fits right into our family, I don't know how we lived without her now. Funny how that happens. 
She actually rolled over the other day while I was combing my hair and I screamed, she looked at me and got this pouty lip and cried - I scared her. She's so wiggly, it isn't too surprising that she rolled so early. She did it on her Nana's birthday too. 

Enjoy the sweetness. Goodnight! 

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