Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nana and Bumpa visit

Last week my parents came for a visit. It's always fun having them come. It feels like a holiday. No cooking, less child care, lots of shopping, coffee and more fun too of course :) It's always so hard after they leave, feels quiet and empty in the house. Liam is missing them, he just told me today when he was in the bath how much he missed them. Look at his happy face here. Thanks for coming mom and dad, we love you and miss you!


  1. Coming to visit you is like a holiday! I cannot tell you how much we enjoy ourselves, playing Uno, Sequence, Zingo, shopping, changing Isla, going to the library with Liam, drinking coffee, making meals for the freezer, folding laundry, talking, hugging, going out for dinner, coffee in the mornings with your home made bread, and mostly just having an opportunity to love, love, and more love those precious little treasures!

    Thanks so much for letting us come and invade your house, and thank you to our wonderful son in law who also makes us feel loved and welcome!!

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful picture! - Anne

  3. Awesome Danes, life as it should be. Bless the grandparents in our lives.

    Ally xox


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