Saturday, October 2, 2010


How are you 4?? When we moved here three years ago, 4 seemed like an impossible place. Like we would never be here. Our last year of daddy at school and you so big.

I love your laugh.
I love your feistiness.
I love the way you talk with your little hand when you really want someone to understand.
I love that you love being with people.
I love that you wear a superhero costume every day.
I love eating hummus together.
I love when you pray.
I love snuggling with you in the morning.
I love that you notice when I dress up.
I love how you bust out dancing in stores to the music
I love how silly you are.
I love that you are so passionate.
I love how fast you ride your bike.
I love how you say "bye little lady" and call me "miss mommy"

I love you I love you I do, my beautiful boy.


  1. happy birthday to our favorite Liam!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo love, josh, laurel, sam, evyn and baby zach

  2. Oh Dana, that's beautiful. You made me cry. Everyone talks about how blessed they are to have their children, and that's very true. How blessed, though, Liam is to have such a wonderful Mommy. - Anne

  3. Not only can you take beautiful pictures but you write beautiful words! Happy Birthday to our precious Liam who has brought more joy than I thought possible.
    I think when it is your birthday I will write the things that I love about you!!!!
    You are a special mamma to a special boy and my special daughter!


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