Friday, October 15, 2010

3:47 p.m

This is what we do when it's hot and humid and there's not much else to do. Given the weather today, this looks so very lovely. I love these images. I took them near the end September, but that warmth feels long gone now.

I'm just over 2 weeks away from my due date!! I'm terrified to give birth and care for this baby but at the same time, I just can't wait to hold this little one. I'm feeling ok, uncomfortable and tired,  but I guess that is to be expected.  

Short on words tonight, have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Great Shots! I had a really nice time chatting with you today:)

  2. Can't wait for the big news! Hang in there sister.

    Love Liam's crazy smile in that last picture, it's just so him.

    Love Ally

  3. I am so crazy about that little boy! Can't wait to come and look after him, cuddle the new one, and pamper you! love you!

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