Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Few more

Some more photos from the cottage:) The little frog catcher. He started preschool this morning - he was so happy to see his little buddy, Gavin. The two are like soul mates, honestly it is adorable. I hope they include other kids in their superhero games. I'm always a little sad when fall comes and the long warm summer days end.  I think I am less structured than I ever thought I was, I love having nothing happening and just lazing in the summer with Liam -  going to the beach on a whim, sitting on the dock at the cottage. I don't know what I'm going to do when he actually goes to kindergarten, I don't even like looking at a school bus at this time of year. I hate seeing back to school stuff at Target, it makes me shudder.  I love spending afternoons swimming with Liam and just about dying from the sweltering heat, even when I'm pregnant. That just tells you I am a summer girl! I guess all things must come to end though? 

We've been busy the last little while setting up for the tiny bunny to arrive, I'm 33 weeks now and it feels fast approaching. We've had to reorganize our living room and add more storage for toys and buy some baby stuff. There really is some beautiful baby stuff on etsy. I found this lovely mobile the other day and hoped for a girl. 

I'm also having our first ever kid birthday party for Liam this weekend, it's a bit early but Brian usually works on Saturdays. He has this one off though so we're doing it early so he can be there. It makes me nervous to plan these things, not sure how good I am at rounding up a bunch of crazy 4 year olds loaded up on sugar. I'm glad B will be there. :)

Another thing I am attempting to accomplish is making a photo book for Liam. Embarrassingly, I have very few photos printed of Liam's life and I want some. He loves looking through photos and I have completely failed here. I want to get it done before the little arrives so the pressure is on. Will you hold me to it?? 

And lastly I found the most beautiful song about a mom and her child. I cried when I listened to it. I wasn't able to add it to my playlist but if you want to google it, her name is Frances England and the song is called You & Me.  If your a mom, you'll love it. 

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  1. So funny that you dread all the back to school stuff...cause as much as you don't like it, I so love it! Guess it's the teacher in me. Fall is my absolute favourite season and I am in autumn heaven walking in cooler weather with Kayla and watching the leaves turn. :)

    You'll totally get everything done before your little person arrives, don't worry! Wish I could come and help out with the bday party, but it'll be awesome.

    Can't wait to hear about the safe arrival of your little person.

    Ally xox


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