Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fly Little One

He will soar one day, to be sure.  I'm treasuring these last days with just him. Not that I'm sad to add another little person to our family, quite the opposite actually. I'm just realizing that our little thing we have together will change. I think it will become better and even more love will come for this new little person, but it's been me and him for almost 4 years. He was with me on those first long days in Philadelphia when I thought I would suffocate from loneliness and homesickness. He was my little buddy, my companion who never stopped talking. I love who is and how he is growing, such a thinker, so feisty and fiery, but also gentle, sweet and kind. I'm so curious to know how this love will grow to another person, it feels like I couldn't possibly love another child like this one.

Him and I went out last night and took some photos for a wall in his room. We had so much fun together that even if I got nothing, I'd do it all over again. I shot just for me, lots of haze and flare and silliness. It was probably the best time we'd ever had taking pictures. I have a ton to post, but not the time. I will be back.


  1. I almost cried when I read this! as you know, I have a little buddy as well, but just wait until the next one comes along, Dana. Your heart will actually grow. so happy for you. :)...and great photo. LOVE it!

  2. love it! SO excited for you three to grow into four!!

  3. What a beautiful post, Dana. Like Sarah, it brought tears to my eyes. - Anne

  4. ooooh! i love this shot! Super Man! (Or is it Buzz?). Great pic Dana. Love you. xo


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