Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Day

We went on a unexpected trip to the beach the other weekend. It was about 100 degrees and the ocean was the best place to be, we were just lacking in a bit of shade. Liam adored the beach and kept thanking me for taking him, he said he "really liked this beach" as though he had been to many others before :) .He's at the perfect age to play and dig and jump over waves and of course squeal with delight.  It's so beautiful to watch him play there, something right about it.  I'm thankful to have to ocean so close by. 

I also thought I would share that I am finally attempting to save in order to upgrade my camera.  This may take many birthdays, but I think it is important enough and I am attempting to do it little by little. I have had this beginner camera for a few years now (hard to believe) and think it is time to make a switch. If you were ever thinking you wanted some family photos done and were willing to allow me to practice for a small fee or donation, than now is the time! 

Thanks :)


  1. love the colours of these pics! so sweet.

    xo Erin Robertson

  2. Aw, frolicking on the beach, so fun! All my best childhood memories involve swimming or hanging out in nature, so important for our little people to do that.
    Liam is looking very grown up these days. He will definitely be one awesome big brother.

    Ally xox

  3. Beautiful Dana. Liam is looking like such a little man!

  4. ahhhh the pictures are beautiful.....I will try to make a little contribution to your new camera and you don't even have to take any pictures of me or Dad!
    See you in bad there is no ocean near by!


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