Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday

We woke up last night to our little friend puking and feverish. Poor babe. Now the week has begun, it's Brian's last week of classes which means he has a ton of work to do and I am here caring for an unhappy little bunny eating freezies (or freeze pops as the Americans call them). I'm trying to have a good attitude about our week beginning this way. Thankful that I normally have a very healthy, active and happy boy.

On another note, I am feeling a whole lot better, the morning sickness has eased up. I'm still not 100% in the evenings, but I'm much much better. That alone is a reason to be thankful.

B and I also booked flights to California for June where I will get to meet my most favorite photographer and beautiful friend, Sheye! She is willing to work with me and help me with photography for a day! I am already extremely excited and nervous.

I think that's all I got for now. Happy Monday!


  1. sooo jealous you get to meet her and learn from her! glad your feeling better :) Liam is too cute!

  2. Yay for your evening sickness getting better. I always felt yuck in the evening too, just run down from the day. Glad Liam is feeling better now. Popsicles always make everything better!
    Hope things wind down well for B, can't believe it's his last week already! Bring on the summer.
    Give Liam a cuddle from me.

    Ally xox

  3. Hey Dana - we just had that fun!! Liam keeps getting cuter - love the pictures! Glad you're feeling better. love Heather xo

  4. Okay, that first photo of Liam is my favorite ever!


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