Sunday, February 7, 2010



B and I were talking last night about how much I love shooting into the light. I am obsessed with backlight and flare. I actually find it somewhat boring to not shoot into the light and of course this little obsession drives me to want to live in a warm climate all year around where there is lots of light instead of lots of snow. Any job prospects in Florida or California for B??? I'm all ears!! I really think that this is what inspired me to start taking photos in the first place. It was the first thing I wanted to know how to accomplish when I got my camera. Even before I was taking photos I was always talking about how much I loved the the late afternoon light at the cottage. I love the sparkle of it.

I took this photo the day before we got 2 feet of snow. Maybe I will post some of those pics soon. But for now, let's just admire the hope of spring and the pretty rainbow in this one photo of my boy.


  1. Sunflare goodness made even more perfect with The Gorgeous Boy. LOVE! xx

  2. I love the light, but the true light of my life is in a little green jacket with boots on! Oh how I miss him!

  3. I agree, sunshine is awesome and warmer weather is something to cherish! Great picture!


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