Monday, February 15, 2010

Favorite Little People

saralas birthday

silly faces

Liam was invited to one his favorite little friend's birthday party the other day. It was at a bounce place and when we got there, he just ran in and screamed with delight. This is seriously two of the only pictures I got that is not blurry. They never stayed still.
If you know me, you know the light is not ideal. But, wanted to remember these funny little faces.


  1. Awesome pictures! I love how funny kids are at that age, reminds me of my crazy Kindergarten gym classes, ha ha! They are always on the move and making you laugh. But when they dig their heels in about something...whew, look out!
    Looking forward to Easter, you'll love how big Kayla is getting and she'll finally get to meet Liam.
    xox Ally

  2. ohhhhh I love the joy and happiness in these pictures! Absolutely beautiful.....friends are the best!
    Mom xxoxoxx


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