Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're BAAAAck!

Back to real life, making dinner and cleaning and going to to school and spending ALL day with my small friend with endless "whys". I never seem to adjust too easily (to anything that is) but after a week I think I am ready to start posting a few pics that caught my attention right away. 

cottage fishing

cousins in the tub


Bumpa and Uncle

Hot tubber
We had a lovely time at home as usual and we got everyone sick as usual too. Liam loved playing with his cousins and on the deathly long trip home kept saying he didn't want to go back to Philly because they couldn't come with him. I think he devised a plan where everyone had spots to sit, Bea being on Uncle B's lap and Uncle Tad being on mine.

This fall Liam is starting nursery school, which he doesn't seem a bit nervous about, he keeps reassuring me that everything will be fine. My, how the tables have turned.... What happened to that baby who wouldn't let anyone hold him but me?

I have lots of pics to go through and will post some more soon. I'm sure I will have about 1739 pictures of him on his first day to school too.
Hope you like the new music addition too, you can turn it on/off at bottom of page.


  1. I'm Back!!!!
    I like the music.
    I like the pictures.
    I like that Liam always leaves us with a party favour, a nice cold to remember him by.
    I like love the pictures of Liam.

  2. Yay nursery school! That is awesome, he's gonna love having all those kiddies around to play with. I spent every morning in Kindergarten this week and was amazed with how resilient little kids are and how they just adapt to the whole "school thing".

    Glad you had a good time on holiday and hope Brian has a great start back at school. He's past the half way point now, woohoo!

    Guess we won't be seeing you till the weather is colder and maybe not until little Bay arrives. Yay!

    Love Ally xox

  3. Welcome back! Liam is getting so big. I am looking forward to seeing him at nursery school, I know he will love it!

  4. Great pictures Day. I love the update to the page, I was missing it! I especially love the one of Liam hanging off the edge of the pool.

    Love Becca


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