Friday, September 18, 2009


Here is the little one on his first day before nursery school. He LOVED it and so do I :) He was the first guy to do show and tell and brought in 3 things, one being a picture of his cousins (how cute is that?). New "digger" shirt for the first day.


And this is his favorite new past time. Our neighbor's gave us an old bike. Liam has not been seen on the sidewalk without this rusty old thing, I think he could be a cyclist one day with the amount of time he rides. Yesterday he was taking a corner a bit to speedy while watching his friend come home and took a huge fall. I thought that may make him a bit fearful, but he got right back on and drove home.



  1. Yay, so the first day was a hit, awesome! Liam is such a confident little man, so no surprise there. This is just the beginning of all things "big school boy" for Liam.
    Enjoy this time, what fun!

    Ally xox

  2. oh i love the pictures Danes! He is so cute and the first to have "bring and brag"! What a neat treat!
    Wish I could scrunch him up for a mighty big hug.

  3. Still cannot get over the bike! He's such an athlete!


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