Friday, March 20, 2009


Liam has taken to calling us Mommy-a and Daddy-o. Not sure where he discovered these, but makes me laugh. Such a unique little person he is. Loves wearing his bike helmet and any "digger" type shirt. Any tips on avoiding a battle every morning he gets dressed are appreciated :)




  1. hey dana!

    your photos are fantastic! how is the course going? your editing job is really amazing. I'd love to get some tips from you.

    pam hayes told me how her son matt (who is our age) was a terror to get dressed in the mornings because he always wanted to pick out his own clothes. so she started instituting "mommy days" and "matt days" to pick out what he wore. for example, it would be "mommy's day" to choose his outfit for two days, and then matt's turn for one day. or vice versa. obviously, she could control that the days when "mommy" chose what to wear were the days when they were seen in public :) but she said that for matt, just knowing that he would get to choose the next day or the day after was enough. I don't know if that sounds like it will help, but it always seemed like a good idea to me!

    let's get together again soon! especially now that the weather is nicer, it would be great to have a picnic or something. I hope you are all doing well!

  2. let em pick..and laugh at what they pick! my only issue was warmth safety and then I would battle for those issues and if that meant I needed to change plans I'd do it...for me the more kids I had the less I cared what they wear...and if they wanted to wear the same gross t-shirt everyday..I didn't care..they'd soon tire of it, i know I love wearing my fav things the jumping you:)

  3. not sure what you are saying the battle is exactly? sorry if I commented on something you didn't mean:)

  4. I wrote this too fast and didn't think through it. Sorry if it was confusing. You responded to the right thing! Thank you for the reminder :) Love you too!

  5. I love the shot with the light streaming throug.....beautiful!
    And as for the battle of what to wear....don't sweat the small stuff, let him wear his digger shirts and pjs to the mall. They grow up fast, and even when they are big they will wear stuff you won't like and likely will embarass you in front of others, because you will feel guilty.
    That is just the life of a mom!
    I wonder if we still have the strawberry shortcake jogging suit that someone I know wanted to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY, AND EVEN TO BED!
    And then all the dolls wore the outfit....going to look for it!
    digger shirts are really cool!

    i just had a recollection of someone who loved the grunge look too.......wonder who?

  6. Ha ha, I actually remember the Strawberry Shortcake outfit, classy! And I was also around for the grunge look too, both had their charm and well, we've all learned a little since then.

    Listen, I need to be honest. If I could get away with it, I would TOTALLY wear my pj's everywhere, all the time, so I can't really blame the boy wonder. It could be something far worse, like MC Hammer parachute pants or fluorescent tiger stripes. Let's look at this with the glass half full Danes, ha ha!

    I look forward to a full ensemble of jammies at Easter.
    Keep these great pics coming.

    Love Ally xox


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