Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 Things We Love about Nana!

1. She cooks for us!
2. She is completely and unashamedly in love and biased towards Liam (he can do no wrong)
3. She gets up in the morning with the early riser
4. She rides in the back seat of the car
5. She takes us out for lunch and dinner
6. Babysitting is free with her and she even pays for dinner
7. She has the ability to read  the same book 100 times in new voices
8. She may be approaching 60 but she is able to jump on the trampoline for long lengths of time
9 . She never forgets baba or curious
10. Did I mention she loves us?

Thank you Nana for coming to visit us. We loved having you!! and we love you!


  1. ok...LOVE all of it...pic is so lovely and very nice pp:)

  2. That must have been so nice for you Danes (and the boys too). Grandparents have the luxury of being once removed from the wee little people they love, enabling them to SPOIL THEM ROTTEN! That's what they are here for, is it not?
    Bet Nana is counting down the days till you live closer to home.
    So glad you had a nice visit and that it gave you a chance to have some time with B, your mom and maybe even to yourself!
    xox Allison

  3. 10 things that Nana loves about Liam and his parents:

    1. Liam in the morning, noon and night
    2. Cooking meals for the freezer to make things easier
    3. Babysitting and eating Macdonalds that she bought for Liam and herself after the pesky parents have left!
    4.Hugging Liam over and over and sometimes Dana and Brian too.
    5. Reading to Liam any and every book including the one with a 100 magnets that takes an hour to read.
    6.changing diapers is no big deal and Nana loves do this for Liam.
    7.Riding in the back seat makes me feel as if I have a chauffeur and the company back there is wonderful, there are often even snacks!
    8.jumping on the trampoline is another thing that Nana loves!Makes me feel young again.
    9. Meeting Liam and his mommy's friends is another thing that Nana loves, and being with Liam at the Bible study.
    10. Nana loves getting invitations to visit!

  4. Now that is a good nana - Liam and Liam's parents are very very fortunate

  5. i'm so glad your time with your mamma was blessed! I've heard all about you nana--you are the best!


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