Sunday, February 8, 2009


I really don't tell him to say cheese because this is the kind of face that that word causes.  Liam got a haircut the other day, I really was sick of fighting with him to brush it -it becomes like dreads at the back when I am too lazy too comb it out. I was sad when the lady was cutting it, but I think he looks adorable and very much a boy now. Nobody will ask what "her" name is anymore.




  1. What a cute little haircut! He does look like a little man, although before he just looked like a little beach bum!
    What is up with little kids not being able to smile on cue? Grace used to look like a crazy maniac in pictures till she was about 6, the "mad" smile, as it has been dubbed.
    Cherish these funny smiles, they will make you laugh when Liam finally masters the "big boy" version.
    That smile made my day.
    Allison :)

  2. we like your haircut Liam! you look cute. love Holly & Kate xo

  3. soo handsome! those soft brown eyes!

  4. Nana thinks that Liam is very handsome, and I love his teeth.....not a vampire is he?
    He is too cute! I am so glad that he is my grandson!

  5. Hi Dana!
    I can not believe how big Liam is getting! He is not longer a little boy heh
    Hopefully we are able to see eachother sometime soon when I am in Toronto...Im planning on going down in the summer for about a week or two
    Love You Cousin


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