Monday, December 8, 2008

Kitchen Help

That ends up in the sink bathing and eating rasberries....


  1. Mmmm, I remember licking the beaters with reckless abandonment, so good, not caring how much I got on my face. I like how Liam sticks the raspberries on the ends of his fingers, very clever.
    Only a few days to go Danes and then you're home!
    Hope B's exams are almost done and that Liam is not being too curious a little monkey.
    xox Allison

  2. 4 more sleeps and he can do this with Nana for a few days! I love rapsberries on the finger tips....he is too cute! And what a good mommy you are to let him frolic like this!!

  3. Looks like Wilson! He pulls a chair up to the counter everyday and says 'make, make'. So we end up baking a lot here.
    Always a messy endevor but it is fun.
    See you soon.

  4. This is too cute, Dana. Nana told me it would make me laugh, and it did! He's adorable!!

  5. Good pictures, thanks for sharing it.


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