Friday, December 12, 2008


This is a regular conversation between Liam and I lately:

Liam: "Bye Mama"
Me: "Where are you going?"
Liam: "chool" (translation = school)
Me: "Oh, Have fun"
Liam: "A blue chool"
Me: "Oh cool, a blue school, what are you going to do there?"
Liam : "See Daddy and donut" (One time we visited Brian at school and everyone was eating donuts so Liam had a donut and now he thinks that school is all about eating donuts) 

He loves blue, chose this blue shirt and his blue "leeping pants" as he calls them to wear today. Imagine what he will think when he finds out his cousins middle name is Blu!!!  He loves choosing his clothes, although we don't always agree on what matches or if you can wear pajamas during the day. I didn't think this was a boy challenge.... It doesn't really matter though and I do try and remember that.

Brian just finished his last exam, has a paper to write and tomorrow we will be on our way home!!!  Merry Christmas, I won't have much access to a computer to post a blog so we will be back in the new year!! I'm off to pack.

***Add on*** 
Did I mention Mr Liam, that you do look like Heath Ledger in this pic, people have said that to me before but I didn't really see it, but I see it in this one.


  1. beat nana too this.....see you in 2 days!!! cutie patootie pic:)

  2. Nice Danes, see you in a bit! xox

  3. beat you Robynn to seeing them in person though! It is sooooooo nice to have them here again. To hug and read to Liam, to change his diager, to sing to him, to love him up is the best!!! Pictures are great but the reality is way better!

  4. really cute
    lucia loves blue too, funny
    he looks so much older in this photo
    hope you guys have a great christmas and we'll see you in the new year

  5. He is such a handsome little man. Love that blue picture. It was great seeing you while you were home Dana. Love ya.


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