Thursday, November 27, 2008


This image makes me think peaceful. It just looks serene, don't you think?? 
I love that his crazy matted bed hair is in full force too. I know it looks bad, but it will remind me in years to come. 

Happy thanksgiving to all your Americans. We are going over to our neighbours this afternoon for Turkey. We'll be home for Christmas in just 2 weeks now!! Yay! Pray for B as he is studying in the next couple of weeks, especially for Hebrew. 


  1. I like that he is totally focused on his food, not even bed head can keep him away. He's actually turning into a little man. See you in 2 weeks!
    Allison :)

  2. hi cute is this picture....don't let Frank see it or he will get out big scissors!!!
    I love a man who knows how to concentrate on his food!
    See you in two weeks....can't many sleeps before you come?

  3. He looks like he could be saying "God, thank you for this delicious breakfast"........but actually he was probably just plotting about something.


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